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ValueStream Ventures is an early-stage fund focused on B2B platforms built around valuable data

ValueStream Ventures is a thesis-driven venture firm. Our current thesis is that the next era of software opportunity will come from using AI to model how the world works and building scalable applications on those models. The Vertical AI layer has dramatically expanded the size of the existing Vertical SaaS market. Specifically, Vertical AI increases the operational leverage — by increasing revenues or decreasing costs — that software can provide to a business. Winning companies in this space will leverage their own sustainable, proprietary data acquisition platforms to train their own specialized AI models, creating a data feedback loop that increasingly sets them apart.

Our team's experience – working together in this space since 2013 – brings differentiated insights into how data can be leveraged to create value. Entrepreneurs and investors who partner with us find that we hustle, dig deep, and make outcomes happen.

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Greg Munves, Greg Munves, former CEO and President of 1010data


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